Free BUILD Workout with Stephanie Sanzo

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Free BUILD Workout with Stephanie Sanzo
Free BUILD Workout

Weight training can be intimidating, especially when you are just starting out. Overcoming this intimidation can feel like a really big hurdle but once you make a start — it can be hugely empowering. Personally, starting my powerbuilding journey helped me to find my strength mentally and physically. 

This type of weight training can be really beneficial if you want to increase both strength and muscle. I think one of the best ways of deciding whether a particular style of training is suitable for you is by jumping in and trying it. 

Get ready to hit those glutes with the free BUILD workout I’ve included below. 

What is BUILD?

BUILD is my powerbuilding workout program, which is available in the Sweat app. The program was first released in December 2018, it is my first digital training program and it gives me the opportunity to share my style of training with you all. That style of training is known as powerbuilding. 

Powerbuilding combines two types of weight lifting techniques — powerlifting and bodybuilding. While powerlifting encourages the development of strength, bodybuilding is more focused on the size and symmetry of muscles. Combining the two styles can make it possible to get the best of both worlds. Namely, to increase overall strength and muscle mass. 

A powerbuilding workout routine is centred around fundamental compound exercises and accessory movements to help support these lifts. In a typical BUILD workout, you complete your heavy compound movements at lower rep ranges to provide a strength stimulus, then you move on to accessory movements with more repetitions to encourage muscle growth.   

My training program has been designed to help you progress each week and to commit to regular weight training. Even for someone who is new to weight lifting, there are 12 weeks of Beginner workouts to help you become more comfortable and to work on increasing your strength as you progress

When BUILD was first released, it had 24 weeks of workouts, and now another 12 weeks have just been added to the program. In total, there are now 36 weeks of powerbuilding workouts for you to conquer. 

Glute Workout With Stephanie Sanzo

What do you need to start a BUILD workout routine?

Because of the nature of the workouts, you will need to have access to a gym. You will use a range of gym machines that most home gyms simply don’t have, such as a Smith machine, assisted chin-dip and cables. Depending on the workout, you might also use free weights, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises too. 

Have a plan — following a program, like my BUILD workout program, will help to give your training structure.

Technique should always be your priority. I know that we all want to see progress from the workouts we are doing but rushing can lead to compromised form, which can pose a safety risk. 

For anyone who wants to increase their lifting ability, my BUILD program can help you to do that.  

Get started with this free BUILD workout

Starting something new can be daunting but I am a big believer in making small changes and allowing them to gain momentum — snowballing into big changes. 

Trying a new style of training can feel kind of overwhelming but it can also be incredibly motivating and empowering. Lifting heavy weights and continually challenging myself has helped to grow my confidence. I am a much stronger person, inside and out, because I made the choice to begin powerlifting and never looked back. 

The glute-focused workout I have shared below is a good way to try out my style of training, especially if you’ve never tried powerbuilding before. BUILD encourages you to increase your strength as you progress, so you can start at any level and work your way up to a heavier weight. 

This free BUILD workout is just like what you will find in the Sweat app, so if you love it, you can find more workouts like this in my program.

Warm-Up Sets RPE 5.0 - 7.0

1. Hip Thrust

8/6/4 REPS

Primary Movement RPE 8.0 - 9.5

1. Hip Thrust

8/8/8 REP Range

Accessory Movement RPE 8.0

1. Static Lunge

16/16/16 REPS

Superset RPE 8.0

1. Goblet Squat


2. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

16 REPS 8 Per Side

Burnout 1 Exercises

1. Hip Abduction


Gaining strength is a process that can take lots of time and effort. If you enjoy the process, it makes it easier to stay motivated as you work on improving your lifting performance. 

Resistance training has endless benefits and I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from strength training. Your glutes are a major muscle group that can help to support so many movements, so adding in a workout like this can make a difference to your training.

Let me know if you enjoy this BUILD workout

My BUILD workout routine provides a good combination of variety and structure — which is important if you want to commit to any style of training for a period of time. 

Regular training in this powerbuilding style helped me to see results, which made me even more motivated to continue with it. I found that consistent training, focusing on recovery and improving my diet helped me to get the best results from my workouts. Now that there are more weeks of training available, you can continue on your BUILD journey.

Make sure you keep your goals in sight and keep working at them!

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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