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USPS® offers a variety of shipping services, postage options, and tools for businesses. Learn about mailing volume discounts and other economical ways to ship customer orders. See how you can create your own labels online, easily manage customer returns, and get help from third-party vendors.

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At USPS, we have a variety of convenient and cost-effective business shipping services.

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Postage Options for Small Businesses to Volume Mailers

Whether you use our shipping tools or those of an approved licensed vendor, there are several options available to you for printing labels and paying for postage.


Whether you ship 1 or 10 packages per month, you can easily pay for postage and print shipping labels online. All you'll need is a free® account.

  • Pay with a credit card, Visa Checkout, or via PayPal
  • Ship domestically or internationally
  • Create batch shipments of up to 20 identical packages
  • Earn USPS Loyalty Program credits when you purchase Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express labels

Click-N-Ship® Business Pro

For shipments of at least 10 pieces or more, use our downloadable desktop software to help you get the job done.

  • Pay postage via electronic manifest files
  • Ship domestically or internationally
  • Manage your shipping with integration and reporting features

Business Customer Gateway

The Business Customer Gateway (BCG) is the central USPS hub for managing volume mailing and shipping for all sizes and types of businesses.

  • Connect to online tools for business mailers
  • Access customer package return services
  • Sign up for promotions and incentives

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Integrate Web Tools (APIs) into Your Site.

Developers and technicians can easily integrate a variety of USPS Web Tools® into their website, shipping operation, or customer service center, free of charge.

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